Getting Ready for Your Shoot

I recently contributed to a great article on the subject for Pin Curl Magazine.  You can find it here
Here’s the abbreviated version:

A Week or so before the shoot:

1.    Go through old pin-ups, the classics like Elvgren & Vargas, and study the poses and expressions.  Practice them in a mirror, or have a friend take snapshots.  Study which poses work for you and which don’t.  Also, study the most important part- the facial expressions.  The more you “ham it up” the better the result.  The more comfortable you become with the expressions and poses, the more comfortable you will be in studio when I’m posing you.
1.    Grab a pair of Sheer to Waist panty hose in the closest color to your skin tone.  Do *not* get control top! We sell them in our shop (starting Nov 2011) , or grab No Nonsense Sheer to Waist here You can find them anywhere: Target, Walgreen’s etc.  They  will smooth your thighs, lift your bum, and look beautiful under stockings.
2.    Stockings.  You want the kind that needs a garter belt to hold them up.  Do *not* get the rubberized kind.  The rubberized ones create unflattering dents and rolls in the skin. (Starting Nov 2011- We also carry them in the store!)
3.    Bring lingerie that you have tried on and like the fit of.  You wanna feel confident!
Where should I shop?

One/Two days before:

1.    One or two days before the shoot (depending on how your skin reacts) wax, shave, and pluck.  Get ready for your close up by plucking eyebrows, shaving or waxing everything that needs maintaining.
2.    Get a manicure/pedicure or do your own.  I like reds and pale pinks.  They work best- no bright or neon colors.  Don’t forget your cuticles- make sure they are moisturized, trimmed, and cleaned up.

Day of:

1.    Come with clean hair (no styling products) and clean face (no make-up or moisturizer).  If you have curly or kinky hair, and usually blow dry straight, then go ahead and come with blown out hair.
2.    Tell me what you love about yourself and your insecurities.  That way, I can give you the most flattering shoot.  Also, I don’t know whether you consider your mole a beauty mark & love it, or a flaw and you want it removed in Photoshop- so fill me in on everything.

3.    Be on time, but not more than 15 min early.  I shoot many gals a day, so being very early or late, cuts into someone else’s time.

At any point in the process, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!  I look forward to working with you to create a fun, empowering, and fabulous experience!