Is hair and make-up included in pricing?


How quickly can I get in?

If you require a weekend, we’re generally booking three weeks out.  If you can come in on a weekday, you’ll get in much sooner- generally the next week.

What do I need to do to get ready for my shoot?

I’ve made an easy list you’ll find here

What do I need to bring?

While it’s true that we have a lot of clothing options available at the studio, because women vary so much in size, shape, and personal taste, we recommend you bring at least one outfit that you are comfortable & confident in.  That way, if you find something of ours you like better- perfect, but if not, you’re not “left out in the cold”.

Where can I buy Pin-Up Clothing?

Due to the high level of requests to carry pin-up merchandise, starting in November 2011 you can now find everything you need at our new store front/studio location- Dallas PinUp at 2928 Main, Dallas, 75226!  We have teamed up with the best in the business to bring you fabulous pin-up dresses, lingerie, stockings, shoes, jewelry, and so much more!  Making us the only one stop pin-up shop & studio in Texas! The store hours are Wed-Fri 4pm-8pm, Sat 11-6, & Sun 11-3pm. Come on in a week or so before your shoot and find everything you’ll need!

If you would rather shop online, try the following:

Pin Up Girl Clothing

Bettie Page Clothing

Trashy Diva

Hips and Curves (Plus Size Lingerie)

Secrets in Lace (Retro Lingerie)

Or, and often my favorite- Ebay, yes Ebay……Seriously

How long does it take to get my CD of edited images back after the shoot?

2-3 weeks

Where I can I get prints made?

You can have prints made from your CD anywhere you wish.

If you would like a photobook (created online, much like a coffee table book where the images are the actual pages of the book)  I recommend My Publisher – they have exceptional quality.

Can you ___________ in Photo Shop?

Photo Shop is a very useful tool; I use it to remove pimples, stretch marks, bruises, scars, soften wrinkles, brighten teeth, etc.

Here’s what I won’t do: I won’t make you thinner, I won’t change your hair color, or make your boobs bigger/smaller.  My goal is to show you how beautiful *you* are, not to change everything about you that makes you you- and incidentally; these “flaws” are often what our partners love about us.